‘Watts for Dinner’ the Takeout Edition: Figs Grille does its namesake, and more, justice

Will Watts

Our next dining destination is Figs Grille in Bonita Springs. This is my first visit to the restaurant, and from it, I can tell that … it’s popular; they take their name seriously (using figs in several dishes) and quality is guaranteed.

Things got off to an appetizing start with the “Papa Rossa” ($9.95), featuring marinated beets, red onion, fresh herbs and topped with goat cheese and walnuts. I love beets, and these were super flavorful without a hint of earthiness. The ingredients combined into a beautiful melody. It may have been an appetizer, but it was one of my favorites dishes of the night. Well done!

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We got another simply irresistible appetizer as well. And it featured goat cheese ($12.50) too, pan-fried (yes!) and served with arugula, figs and a port wine, lingonberry reduction. These were naughty and nice. Sports bar meets elegant dining.

Our next courses included a traditional yellow lentil soup ($7) and a “Figs” salad ($8.95) featuring baby spinach, the namesake figs along with mandarin oranges, topped with pistachio and served with a fig-balsamic dressing. Both dishes were solid efforts and tasted as good as they sound.

We sampled three entrees from figs, all from the vegetarian menu.

First up we have the gnocchi ($22.50) featuring potato pasta in gorgonzola cream sauce, oven dried tomatoes and peas. A large part of the flavor comes from the gorgonzola, with the remaining ingredients serving more a textural enticement. Very enjoyable.

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Next up was a selection from my dining companion. He opted to try the vegetable tagine ($19.95) featuring a combination of mushrooms, eggplant, preserved lemon, peas, cubed potatoes and onions stewed in a sauce of garlic, extra virgin olive oil and fresh tomatoes and served with basmati rice. This was a beautiful and tasty dish. The rice alone was flavorful and a beautiful texture. The tagine was not too spicy and a wonderful blend.

Alas, I saved the best for last. And when I say best, I mean this is the very best eggplant dish I’ve ever eaten. From the parmigiana baked section of the menu, we had the “Melanzana” ($20.95), baked eggplant, ricotta and mozzarella in a fresh tomato sauce. The pasta was firm. The tomato sauce was incredible. And the eggplant. Simply the best. My compliments to the chef. Grazie!

This was an incrible meal. I’m stuffed!

Figs Grille has a great staff, plenty of parking and outdoor dining. If you haven’t already discovered this eatery, make a date today! Happy eating!  

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Figs Grille

  • 25987 S. Tamiami Trail #109, Bonita Springs
  • 239-390-1700
  • figsgrille.com