‘Watts for Dinner’: Little Caesars offers ‘Crazy’ good deals

Will Watts

We’re continuing to give love to Marco Island’s chain restaurants this week. Last week we compared the island’s two Subway stores (read it now at marconews.com). This week, it’s Little Caesars.

Just as it would be unfair to compare Subway to say Big Al’s Deli (yum! So good), we won’t be comparing  Little Caesars’ food with the Island’s numerous, and amazing, Italian eateries.

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That would be as unfair as comparing Little Caesars prices with most everyone else. And that’s the real jest, if you want pizza fast and at an affordable price, this might just be a good option. Let’s find out.

First up, we tried the “Crazy Combo” ($4, 840 calories) which includes “Crazy Bread” and “Crazy Sauce.” You get eight butter and garlic bread sticks sprinkled with parmesan cheese and served with a thick marinara. The sauce is very tasty. And the bread is nice and fresh. So far, we’re off to a good start.

We also tried the “Stuffed Crazy Bread” ($5, 980 calories). You get three pieces of “Crazy Bread” stuffed with cheese, which comes with a side of the marinara. It’s hard to go wrong with bread and cheese. Even though all the food was quite oily, it was tasty, nonetheless.

Speaking of bread and cheese, we also ordered the Italian cheese bread ($5, 1,340 calories). You get 10 pieces of freshly baked bread with a crispy edge, covered with cheese and topped with Italian spices. This was our best dish this trip. The crispy edge is amazing! Loved the taste. And the price.

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We also tried the “Extramostbestest” cheese pizza ($6.55, 2,270 calories). That’s pronounced extra-most-bestest. This was my least favorite dish this trip. The crust just wasn’t right. It had an off taste.

Next up, the “Crazy Calzony” cheese ($8.49, 2,330 calories). Part pizza, part calzone, it gets an A for creativity. The best part about this dish? The middle is cheese and marinara sauce; the ends are bread, cheese and a garlic white sauce. The calzone-like crust is buttery, with parmesan cheese.

We also sampled the veggie pizza ($14, 2, 240 calories). It features green peppers, onions, mushrooms, black olives and Italian seasoning. This was my second favorite dish this visit. A really nice amount1 of veggies. The mushrooms were very tasty.

Little Caesars provides a service to Marco Island for those looking for pizza at a fair price. The taste is better than most frozen pizzas, which can cost as much or more, and you still have to cook them. And if you have hungry teenagers, pizza night is a great choice. Happy eating!  

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If you go

Little Caesars

  • 911 N. Collier Blvd, Marco Island
  • 239-394-4422
  • littlecaesars.com