‘Watts for Dinner’: Jackie’s – Lots of great food choices for little money

Will Watts

Our next dining destination is Jackie's Chinese Restaurant, in Marco Town Center.

Things got off to an appetizing with the chicken fingers ($5.75) and the dumplings ($6.50).

The chicken fingers are those breaded bits of chicken that also come with General Tso or sweet and sour chicken dinners. And this app comes with sweet and sour on the side. And it is amazing!

You can get the pork dumplings steamed or fried; we chose the latter. It is my favorite dish from Jackie’s, and I must have it every single time. So, I highly recommend this dish.

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Also, a winner on the apps side, “Krab Rangoon” ($5.75), featuring the namesake and cream cheese wrapped in a deep-fried wonton. These triangles are heavenly. A great appetizer or dessert.

For my main entrée this visit, I selected the chicken chow mei fun ($11.25). With loads of white meat chicken, and the “fun” in the title gives you those yummy thin noodles. I loved this dish. You get so much food for so little money.

My dining companion ordered the beef with mushrooms combo platter ($9.50). Loads of thinly sliced beef in a mushroom sauce, with mushrooms. It comes with white or pork fried rice, and you can have a soup, egg roll or soda (the combo part). He got the wonton soup (another fave).    

Personally, I love the eggrolls from Jackie’s. Always crispy. Huge! And delicious. But the wonton soup is also a winner. I was super jealous of the beef and mushrooms. It’s a dish I’ve never had at Jackie’s and it smelled incredible. It earned positive reviews.

We also ordered some sauteed Chinese cabbage ($10.50) from the vegetables’ selections. So nutritious and delicious.

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I’ve eaten at Jackie’s many times, personally and professionally. You can’t go wrong with the lo mein. Did you know that lo mein is considered a dry variation of wonton noodle soup? Even though they don’t look like tradition egg noodles, lo mein actually are egg noodles. There’s also bean sprouts, bell peppers and carrots; and in this case shrimp (you can also have chicken, beef, or vegetable).

I also recommend the sesame chicken, a standard at Chinese restaurants throughout the U.S. The dish is akin to General Tso's chicken, but the taste of the chicken is sweet rather than spicy. This dish starts with pieces of chicken breast that are coated in eggs, flour, and cornstarch. The chicken is then fried to a golden-brown crispy perfection, then tossed in a delectable sesame sauce. The sauce is made of sunflower oil, sesame seeds, soy sauce and rice vinegar. If you like tangy and sweet and have an affinity seeds, this dish is for you.

Another great dinner is the “Moo Shu” vegetables ($11.25).

At Jackie’s, you’ll always find smiling faces, friendly service, amazing food, and some of the best prices you’ll find in Southwest Florida.

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Jackie's Chinese Restaurant

  • 1089 N. Collier Blvd., #425, Marco Island
  • 239-642-8148
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