‘Watts for Dinner’: East Naples food truck serves up pupusas and more!

Will Watts

Just inside the East Naples shopping complex that houses Flash, a gas station and car wash, as well as  Empire Bagel Factory, you’ll find an unassuming food truck parked in the corner with the word “Pupusas” written on it. It, not coincidentally, belongs to the Pupusas Salvadorenas Corp. and it holds delicious food and treats inside.

First: what are pupusas? Thick griddle cakes or flatbreads from El Salvador and Honduras, made with cornmeal or rice flour -- like the Venezuelan and Colombian arepa. 

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Pupusas come in cheese, cheese with beans or cheese with pork rinds ($2.50 each). We took home all three. My favorite is the cheese. It’s a mild yet addictive flavor. You get a very light salsa or red sauce, almost the consistency of tomato juice, as well as curtido, a slaw that typically accompanies the dish. Whereas slaw made here in the states is typically creamy, this is a more tangy, crunchy slaw. And I love it.

I also enjoyed the pupusas with beans. But I have to say, given the subtle taste of the cheese, I prefer them without beans. I did not try the ones with chicharron, or pork rinds. I’m told by my dining companion, that the flavor is a nice compliment to the dish and does not overwhelm.

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We also had the quesadilla de arroz or rice quesadilla ($10). This does not in any way resemble the Mexican quesadilla you might be picturing. This looks more like corn bread or a cake layer. In truth, it reminds me of sweet cornbread. It’s a welcome change of pace in the dessert category.

We did not order any pan salvadorena (sandwiches made with chicken or vegetables, $8) on this day. I wanted tamales -- the truck offers chicken or elote (roasted corn). Alas, the operator says the tamales are so popular, they usually sell out around midday.

I did take home a horchata to drink (medium $3, large $4). Much like the Mexican version, only this one is a combination of morro seeds, cocoa, peanut, cinnamon and vanilla. Very refreshing!

If you’re craving pupusas, you’ll love these. If you’ve never had ‘em, prepare for a new obsession. Happy eating! 

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Papusas Salvadorenas Corp.

  • 9995 Tamiami Trail E, Naples,
  • 239-227-0531
  • facebook.com/pages/category/Product-service/Pupusas-salvadorenas-corp-10493463463578