L-Yen adds Cuban flavor to ‘Musical Interludes’

Marco Island Center for the Arts is presenting Cuban music by Yenier Alvarino, aka L-Yen.

Marco Island Center for the Arts is presenting Cuban music by L-Yen at 5:30 p.m., Nov. 10 in the Art Center gallery. Musical Interludes with a Latin twist as a part of Arte Viva! This festival is a countywide season of celebrating Hispanic Arts and Culture. 

Originally from Matanzas Cuba, Yenier Alvarino (L-Yen) begins his first steps in music at the age of 15. He began studying guitar, but he quickly developed a greater skill which opened a new horizon and was to be able to express his ideas and feelings through composition. At only 16 he created his first musical group "Fusión Tropical" and composed most of the songs for the album of that group. The project never comes to fruition because Yenier Alvarino immigrates to the United States. His dream for music never stopped and although he was not singing, he kept composing.

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L-Yen will use his Cuban roots to present a concert that combines traditional Cuban music as well as a style he refers to as “urban elegante” urban rhythms with clean lyrics and a Latin flavor.

As a solo artist L-Yen has gained acceptance with hisfirst solo singles "Te Propongo" and "Yenyere" have opened doors for him on radio and television. They are songs that define the beginning of a new era for urban music. They are songs that maintain that Latin melody that we like so much, but their sounds, rhythm and message make a difference between the songs today. Because of the respect he has earned, he has the respect of the media and arts institutions of the Southwest Florida community.