Bookworm: Need more romance? Books to curl up with

Terri Schlichenmeyer
Christmas romances from various authors.

Christmas romances

  • By various authors
  • c. 2022, various publishers                                          
  • $12.95-$17.99

Someone to join you, curled up next to the fire. That’s right at the top of your list this holiday, it’s what you asked Santa to bring you. Love, and someone to share it with, that’s what you want. So why not start with these great holiday romances ... ?

For her entire life, everyone told Victoria Michaud about the wild fox that appears around town, and how luck and love seem to descend on anyone who sees it. Really? Not so much when, the day after her birthday and her first fox sighting, Victoria spots her high school nemesis, the guy who gave her the most trouble in high school. Bowen Gower is back in Fox Crossing to settle his grandfather’s estate, and he quickly comes to understand that he has a lot of fences to mend – including one with Victoria. Bowen saw the fox, too, and in “Outfoxed” by Melinda Metz (Kensington, $12.95), he needs all the help he can get.

Susan Norcross has big boots to fill: specifically, both her father and her grandfather were dressed as Santa when they met Susan’s mother and grandmother. Everybody in their Michigan town believes that’s what will happen to Susan, too, but at age 40, Susan has her doubts. In “A Wish for Winter” by Viola Shipman (Graydon House, $17.99), finding one specific Santa in a sea of red-suited guys won’t be easy ...

As the “unofficial” matchmaker at the Weber Haus B&B, Snowball the white kitten has her hands paws full – especially this year. Peter Diemer, who happens to be Snowball’s “uncle” is trying to move the family business to a new location. Meanwhile, Lara Wolfe wants to put a toy store in that exact same space. In “How Snowball Stole Christmas” by Kristen McKanagh (Kensington, $16.95), take one tiny kitten + one grumpy man + one determined woman, and it all adds up to romance!

What would you do to fulfill your dream? For Sadie and Max, two performers who are chosen to sing on a popular reality show, the answer is: anything. Two separate appearances could give them stardom, but the show’s producers put them together for a romantic duet. In “All I Want for Christmas” by Maggie Knox (Putnam, $17), true love is an audience-pleaser but the truth is that Max and Sadie absolutely hate one another. Will they change their tune by the end of the season?

And finally, a marriage of convenience and an inheritance-with-strings might solve a thorny problem for Ellie Oliver when her boss, Andrew, presents a plan that will end her financial issues and his family problems. But Ellie can’t forget the woman she met in a bookstore... who turns out to be Andrew’s sister. Uh-oh. In “Kiss Her Once for Me” by Alison Cochrun (Atria, $17.99), a choice needs to be made before the mistletoe is hung.

Need more romance? Then be sure to check with your favorite bookseller or librarian. They LOVE putting people and books together. They love suggesting books to curl up with.

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