'Absolutely devastating': Salma Hayek, Ariana Grande and more stars send love to Beirut

Jenna Ryu

Following the massive explosion that killed at least 100 people and wounded thousands in the Lebanese capital, celebrities are using their social media platforms to spread awareness, send prayers and donate to the Beirut community. 

Salma Hayek shared a graphic video of the explosions on Instagram, which show dark clouds followed by an explosion creating a massive white cloud that enveloped the area. 

"Today two explosions devastated the capital of the already hurting Lebanon," the "Frida" star wrote Tuesday. "My broken heart goes out to all the people who have lost loved ones and who are in the affected areas of my beloved Beirut." The actress also provided a Spanish translation of her caption. 

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This isn't the first time Hayek used her platform for activism. In July, she dedicated a post to raise awareness about Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen, whose death in June sparked conversations about sexual harassment in the U.S. military. 

Other stars, such as Ariana Grande and Jameela Jamil, urged their followers to take action and donate. 

"My heart, strength and condolences are with Lebanon and everyone affected by this tragedy," Grande tweeted Tuesday, directing followers to support two disaster relief organizations. 

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Jamil also tweeted a link to a fund Tuesday, as well as sharing a photo that listed organizations to donate to Wednesday.

"A pandemic, political unrest and now 300,000 people left homeless due to the blast. Beirut needs global support," she wrote.

While many celebrities are using their platforms to educate others, Halsey is asking her fans for advice on the most effective ways to help.

"I have read from a lot of people that petitions aren’t effective and donations can result in a dramatic exchange decrease. Can someone share with me direct information about how we can help most effectively and immediately?" she wrote Tuesday. 

Naomi Campbell shared a series of old photos in downtown Beirut, writing that her "thoughts, prayers and love go out to the people of Lebanon and their families."

Priyanka Chopra reposted a BBC article about the explosion on Twitter, calling it "awful" and "absolutely devastating," while Amy Schumer posted a photo that said "Love to Beirut." Singers Ricky Martin and Sara Bareilles both sent their thoughts and prayers to Beirut as well. 

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