Ariana Grande got scratched on the eye by Lady Gaga and her reaction was very relatable

When Ariana Grande got her face scratched by Lady Gaga, she reacted like any super fan would.

In an Instagram post Thursday, Gaga shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the making of the music video for "Rain on Me," her pop duet with Grande. In one clip, Gaga accidentally scratches Grande's eye while waving her arms during a dance rehearsal.

"Richard, I shanked her with my nail by accident, dancing," Gaga said of the incident.

Lucky for her, Grande was more than OK with it.

"Lady Gaga scratched my eye," Grande said while lying on the floor, appearing to marvel at her injury on her phone's front-facing camera. "It's an honor. I hope it scars."

She added: "Lady Gaga! You scratched me eye!"

"You scratched my heart," replied Gaga.

"I hope it stays there forever," said Grande.

And Grande didn't seem to be kidding. When Gaga offered her Neosporin, Grande wasn't having it. Gaga had to resort to lovingly wrestling Grande into accepting the medicine.

"You have a scratch on your face! You can't get infected before the video!" Gaga called out to Grande as she ran away.

"Please let me put some Neosporin on it!" Gaga added, chasing after her.

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In May, Gaga released the music video, which opens up with a shot of the artist lying on the floor with a knife stab wound in her thigh. She wears a pink bodysuit and high-heeled combat boots during a rain shower that alternates between raindrops and knives plummeting from the sky.

Grande makes an appearance about a minute into the video, donning her signature high ponytail (which she shockingly lets down later on). Grande and Gaga end up joining hands and dancing together.

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Contributing: Sara M Moniuszko