Hillary Clinton is launching a podcast tackling topics like faith, resilience and grief

Rasha Ali

Hillary Clinton can now add "podcast host" to her resume.

The 2016 presidential candidate is launching her first podcast “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton,” Sept. 20 on iHeartRadio the podcast publisher announced today. 

The former Secretary of State's show will have 24 episodes and feature guest interviews with comedians, politicians and fashion designers like Stacey Abrams, Sarah Cooper, Patton Oswald and Tan France to name a few. “You and Me Both with Hillary Clinton” will also address topics like  faith, resilience and grief as and touch on political issues relevant to 2020 and life in quarantine.

“I’m excited to bring these eye-opening, powerful, sometimes hilarious conversations to the forefront and open up new avenues of discussion with some of the people I find most fascinating,” Clinton said in statement. “This podcast is a chance to talk about subjects that are too often overlooked and share the inspiration and education I’ve gotten from my guests.”

During an interview with People Magazine published today, the "Book of Gutsy Women" author said the name of her podcast was inspired by a phrase she says often.

"Over the last few years, when people would talk to me about a concern of theirs or a problem that they faced, I found myself saying, 'Well, you and me both!' " Clinton told People magazine in an interview published today. "It became a catch phrase to sum up that a lot of us are worried about the same things and going through the same experiences."

In one of the episodes, Clinton chats with Trayvon Martin's mother Sybrina Fulton, which the former First Lady says was a "humbling" experience given the tragic loss Fulton suffered in 2012 with the death of her son.

"We talked about being able to find moments of joy in the midst of grief. Finding reasons to get out of bed. Her faith was instrumental to her in being able to continue. Her family. People who rallied around her," Clinton told People. "It was literally one step at a time, one day at a time. I found it reassuring and also teachable. Maybe somebody who listens to this episode of the podcast needs to hear what she says. I think we need conversations like these."

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