Jamie Lynn Spears on why she decided to 'hide away' during pregnancy

Jamie Lynn Spears is recalling how her world changed when she announced her pregnancy at age 16.

In an interview with Nylon Monday, the "Zoey 101" star, 29, shared what was going through her mind when she found out she was expecting. 

“I am mortified to have to tell my parents this and my family this. I do not care what TMZ thinks about it,” she told the magazine. “That was all I was thinking about: ‘These are the people I love that I have to tell, and also, I'm pregnant. There's a human being growing inside of me, and I'm so young, I'm almost a baby myself.’ "

She continued, "I didn't really care about any of that nonsense, but when we did announce that I was pregnant, I did hide away for a little bit during that time, and I didn't have a phone. But of course, the paparazzi still found me. It's not like I was in LA walking down the middle of the most popular boulevard; I was in the middle of nowhere Mississippi.”

She explained her next move was to set up a new life outside of the spotlight, which is where she stayed for about five years.

“So, I got me a little house. I put a big gate up around it, and I was like, ‘I'm going to stay here, raise my baby, and figure this out because this is real life. I've put myself in this situation, I'm not condoning it or saying it's right, but these are the cards that I have to play,’” she continued. “And I tried to do the best that I could. And yet, sure enough, everywhere I went in Mississippi for that whole nine months, there was always paparazzi on me everywhere I went. But I just knew that if I just stayed away from it long enough that I could give my child some sense of normalcy back in her life.”

She also made clear that her pregnancy coincided with "Zoey 101" ending in, but it wasn't the cause of the show's demise.

"In today's world, immediately I'd have my social media to post something, and it'd be cleared up,” she said. “But even today, people still have their thoughts about it. I didn't become pregnant until probably six months after we wrapped or something like that, but some of the episodes had not aired yet."

She continued, "I think that there was a conversation with Nickelodeon, rightfully so, of, ‘Do we air these episodes?’ But the show had already wrapped and there was never a negotiation to go into any more seasons. We were too old. It was done.”

Age didn't stop Spears from endorsing a possible reboot of the show back in July 2019.

After TMZ shared speculation last summer that Nickelodeon might be bringing back your favorite Pacific Coast Academy teens for a glimpse into their adult lives, a few other headlines popped up, leading fans to wonder if the rumors were true.

Spears acknowledged the buzz in an Instagram post. And although it didn't appear there were any concrete plans for a reboot, Spears left the door open. 

"Yo, @nickelodeon have your people call my people 🤝😉" Spears captioned a screenshot of a headline stating she's "reportedly in talks to reboot 'Zoey 101.' "

Contributing: Hannah Yasharoff

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