Dave Chappelle hung out with Joe Rogan, Elon Musk, more before testing positive for COVID-19

Eric Webb
Austin 360

Days after photos of Dave Chappelle hanging out with other celebrities in Texas went viral, the comedian tested positive for COVID-19 and his comedy shows have been canceled.

Though the city of Austin is used to seeing Matthew McConaughey at a Whole Foods and Jared Padalecki at a music festival, sightings of new stars like Chappelle are rare. 

The comedian has been hanging out with a gang of celebrity friends like podcast host and comedian Joe Rogan, Tesla founder Elon Musk and his partner musician Grimes all of whom recently descended upon Austin.

"Fun times with some really (expletive) cool people at @stubbsaustin!" Rogan captioned a group photo on Instagram, which he reposted from comedian Donnell Rawlings.

This isn't really a surprise. Rogan, after confirming a move to Texas on his show, reportedly built his new studio in Austin. Musk, a friend of Rogan's, has confirmed a move to the Lone Star State, and he's building a Tesla factory in the city as well. Grimes and Musk are partners and share a son, famously named X Æ A-12. And Chappelle has performed a number of stand-up sets at Stubb's, a BBQ restaurant nearby — rare examples of live entertainment in Austin — including some with Rogan also on the bill.

There were two more shows lined up Thursday and in the coming days, but have been canceled after Chappelle tested positive for COVID-19.

Chappelle had been performing socially-distanced shows in Ohio since June, and moved his shows to Austin during the winter, Sims said. Rapid testing for the audience and daily tests for Chappelle and his team were implemented.

On Thursday, Austin-Travis County health authorities reported 715 new coronavirus cases and two deaths. The state of Texas has had 1,917,513 coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic.

Dave Chappelle and Joe Rogan performed in New Orleans.

Also seen in Rogan's post: comedians Rawlings Michelle Wolf, Mo Amer and Ron White (some of whom Stubb's guests might remember from the stage).

Austin restaurateur C.K. Chin also posted a group photo to his Instagram feed, where he's seen at Stubb's with Rogan, Chappelle, Musk and Grimes.

And wait, there's more. Jesse James (mechanic/TV personality/ex of Austin business owner Sandra Bullock/subject of controversy over Nazi imagery in the past) and the Undertaker (aka Mark William Calaway, of wrestling fame), both of whom have Austin ties, appeared in a photo with Rogan and Musk at Stubb's.

The Stubb's shows have required COVID-19 screenings prior to entry, according to the venue, though there's little social distancing to be found in the photos posted to social media.

One more star sighting for the road: Chappelle photobombed a couple's wedding photos at the Line Hotel, according to NBC News.

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A staff member stands outside Stubb's Bar-B-Q on Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2020, in Austin. Dave Chappelle announced a three night run in Austin. Attendees have to have a rapid COVID-19 test done before being able to enter.