Drew Barrymore goes viral with 'pizza salad' TikTok video: 'Crunchy and delicious'

Drew Barrymore can add pizza pundit to her résumé now.

The Emmy-nominated actress and talk show host inspired awe and horror with a viral TikTok video, in which she’s seen eating a slice of pizza in a deconstructed style.

In the video posted Friday, Barrymore removes the toppings of her pizza to create what she calls a “pizza salad.”

“I’m sure people are going to be like, ‘How dare you do this to a pizza,’ ” says Barrymore as she scrapes off the pizza’s toppings. “I get it. I feel really guilty about it myself.”

After scraping off the pizza’s top layer, Barrymore mixes the toppings with a salad she had on standby, and pours a dash of what appears to be salad dressing for added flavor.

“It’s actually really crunchy and delicious,” Barrymore says. “And then you get the satisfaction of eating a pizza.”

Barrymore couldn’t ditch tradition entirely however, grabbing another pizza slice with her hands and taking a bite at the end of the video.

Viewers were divided over Barrymore’s approach to eating pizza, with some feigning outrage.

“Drew I’m filing a lawsuit on behalf of pizza,” comedian Mike Birbiglia wrote.

“Life is too short Love!!!!” Jenny Brennan Hannig commented. “Just eat the Pizza!!!!!!

“How dare you do this to a pizza,” user mohm ita wrote.

“Drew you are BETTER THAN THIS,” user Caity commented.

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Barrymore inspired awe and horror with a viral TikTok video, in which she’s seen eating a slice of pizza in a deconstructed style.

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Others were behind Barrymore all the way.

“Thank you for being you,” user Vinnie1970 wrote.

“You can do no wrong in my eyes,” Cameron Domasky commented. “I’m gonna try it before I say anything, then let you enjoy your meal if I disagree.”

“No wait, you’re actually onto something,” user XIIXXXXC wrote.

“Okay I'm definitely trying this!” Payton Walker commented.

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Pizza consultant Anthony Falco, author of "Pizza Czar: Recipes and Know-How from a World-Traveling Pizza Chef," says that Barrymore's "pizza salad" overlooks the central element of a pizza, which is the dough.

"If you scrape all the toppings off and you throw the dough away, you're missing out on where most of the effort was put in and (what) the base of pizza is about," Falco says. "Just eating melted cheese and vegetables strikes me as a little sad."

But despite the feathers Barrymore's "pizza salad" may have ruffled, Falco says the beauty of pizza lies in its versatility. 

"If what Drew Barrymore did was fun for her and brought joy to her, then great," Falco says. "Pizza should be fun."

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