Halloween 2020: 10 thrillers and chillers to watch at home for a horror-filled October

Brian Truitt

It's finally October, the most horrifying time of the year, where there's a chill outside and thrills to be had indoors watching spooky movies. So don't cancel Halloween yet!

Adam Sandler, of all people, gets the season going with Netflix's "Hubie Halloween" (streaming Wednesday), which casts the popular comedian as an oddball hero who has to save his town from things that go bump in the night. And with COVID-19 still impacting movie theaters and the entertainment industry, "Hubie" and other at-home frightfests are the best way to escape from real-life horrors.

So break out your calendar, guys and ghouls: Here are 10 treats to watch on various streaming services and video-on-demand platforms this month to get you in a Halloween mood:

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A single father (Mamoudou Athie, with Amanda Christine) undergoes an experimental treatment after losing his wife and memory in a car accident in "Black Box."

'Black Box' (Oct. 6, Amazon)

Produced by Jason Blum as part of his "Welcome to the Blumhouse" anthology, the film stars Mamoudou Athie as an amnesiac dad trying to get his life back after a car accident that killed his wife who undergoes an experimental treatment by a high-profile doctor (Phylicia Rashad) that makes him question his identity even more.

Sheriff Hadley (Robert Forster, left) investigates a vicious murder with fellow officers Julia (Riki Lindhome) and his son John (Jim Cummings) in "The Wolf of Snow Hollow."

'The Wolf of Snow Hollow' (Oct. 9, VOD)

A mysterious beast is tearing apart young women in a Utah ski town, and a local cop (writer/director Jim Cummings) has to find the culprit as well as take care of his ailing sheriff dad (Robert Forster) and fight some old personal demons in a new comedic horror take on the werewolf tale.

Sarita Choudhury plays a mom who's sure her daughter's new boyfriend is connected to her own dark past in the Blumhouse thriller "Evil Eye."

'Evil Eye' (Oct. 13, Amazon)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas executive produces this "Welcome to the Blumhouse" bad romance that stars Sarita Choudhury as an overprotective mother who becomes convinced that the rich guy (Omar Maskati) her daughter (Sunita Mani) is dating tried to kill her decades ago.

"A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting" stars Tamara Smart (right, with Oona Laurence) as a young girl recruited into a secret society of international babysitters tasked with keeping young kids safe.

'A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting' (Oct. 15, Netflix)

For youngsters dipping their toes in eerie waters and not ready for the crazy stuff, there's this fantasy adventure with Tamara Smart as the newest recruit to a secret organization of babysitters with special powers who keep kids safe from witches, monsters and a pretty nasty boogeyman ("Harry Potter" bad guy Tom Felton).

Horror anthology "The Mortuary Collection" stars Caitlin Custer as a young drifter who applies for a job at a mortuary, where the man in charge regales her with several twisted tales of their strange town's history.

'The Mortuary Collection' (Oct. 15, Shudder)

The creepy anthology centers on a young drifter (Caitlin Custer) who applies for a job at a local mortuary. Her strange new boss (Clancy Brown) regales her with four macabre tales of the town, but saves the best – or the worst, depending on your perspective – for last.

Lily James stars as a young newlywed who travels to the family estate of her husband (Armie Hammer), where his deceased wife still casts a shadow, in "Rebecca."

'Rebecca' (Oct. 21, Netflix)

Director Ben Wheatley's adaptation of Daphne du Maurier’s famed 1938 gothic novel is a psychological thriller that casts Lily James as a newlywed who moves into the lavish English estate of her husband (Armie Hammer), though she learns the place hasn't escaped the shadow of his first wife.

Virgie (Laverne Cox, standing) gives Anna (Elle Lorraine) a weave that has a mind of its own in the 1989-set horror satire "Bad Hair."

'Bad Hair' (Oct. 23, Hulu)

In the 1989-set horror satire, Anna (Elle Lorraine) is an executive assistant in the music TV business whose boss (Vanessa Williams) gives her a hard time about her natural hair. She hopes a new weave from a hairstylist (Laverne Cox) will help her succeed, but things get deadly when it begins to have a mind of its own.

Teen girls Lourdes (Zoey Luna, from left), Frankie (Gideon Adlon), Tabby (Lovie Simone) and Lily (Cailee Spaeny) get witchy in "The Craft: Legacy."

The Craft: Legacy (Oct. 28, VOD)

This follow-up to the witchy 1996 cult hit "The Craft" stars Cailee Spaeny as the new girl in town who's befriended by three schoolmates (Gideon Adlon, Lovie Simone and Zoey Luna) and becomes the fourth member of their coven. Their spells start out innocent and soon grow out of hand as the teens discover their power.

In "His House," Ṣọpẹ Dìrísù (left) and Wunmi Mosaku play a couple who escape war-torn South Sudan and have trouble adjusting to their new life in a small English town.

'His House' (Oct. 30, Netflix)

Ṣọpẹ́ Dìrísù and Wunmi Mosaku play a couple from South Sudan who escape their war-torn homeland and seek asylum in the U.K. They're given a home in a seemingly normal English town, and he's all about moving on while she still has a foot in the past, when something unearthly arises that haunts them in extremely personal ways.

Omari Hardwick stars as a man who wakes up after a plane crash and realizes he's the subject of some serious hoodoo in "Spell."

'Spell' (Oct. 30, VOD)

Omari Hardwick stars as a man flying his family to his father's Appalachian funeral when the plane crashes. He wakes up alone and wounded, though his predicament worsens when he realizes a woman (Loretta Devine) is nursing him back to health using dark magic – namely the Boogity, a Hoodoo figure made from his blood and skin.