Watch the first trailer for Netflix's new reboot of throwback chiller 'Unsolved Mysteries'

Brian Truitt

Back in the day, the strangest things you'd find on TV happened on "Unsolved Mysteries," the 1980s/90s prime-time show that explored cases of missing persons, unexplained deaths, paranormal phenomena, conspiracy theories and other assorted bizarre tale that captured the imagination.

Now a new version of "Unsolved Mysteries" is coming, and the first trailer dropped Tuesday for the rebooted series from original creators Terry Dunn Meurer and John Cosgrove, and executive producer Shawn Levy ("Stranger Things"). The new season (officially the 15th in the show's history) features 12 new episodes, including six premiering July 1.

Famously hosted by the late Robert Stack (who proceeded Raymond Burr and Karl Malden), "Unsolved Mysteries" started as a series of specials on NBC during the mid-'80s before shifting to a weekly series in 1988, asking viewers to help out in solving the cases presented in episodes by calling a 1-800 number. After being canceled by CBS in 1999, Lifetime and Spike tried short-lived revivals in the 2000s. (Classic episodes with Stack can be streamed on a FilmRise YouTube channel.)

Among the new episodes of "Unsolved Mysteries," highlights include the unexplained death of a newlywed, the strange disappearance of a Georgia hair stylist, a French family found buried under their back porch and Massachusetts residents still rocked by witnessing a UFO in 1969.