Corvettes through the ages, classics like Duesenbergs and Packards, hot rods, surf wagons and vans; and one monstrous swamp buggy that looked like it had just come out of the box.

This was the scene Sunday over at the Marco Healthcare Center when record crowds viewed a record entry of show cars at the 11th annual Kiwanis Car Show.

"We couldn't fit one more car in the lot," said a beaming Kiwanis' President Dianna Dohm as the crowds swelled to capacity just before lunchtime. Show organizer John DeRosa exhibited the same beaming smile as Dohm, and said his priority now is to organize extra space for next year.

DeRosa said one amazing story from the day, given that most exhibitors are of the boomer vintage, was 17-year-old Sean Flynn who won an award – best convertible 1920-1970 - with a 1969 Chevy Camaro he worked on himself.

Like all the exhibitors, Jack Buete was only too pleased to divulge some information about his exhibit, a 1939 Ford convertible.

"It's not restored," he said of the gleaming black beauty. "They're called 'Resto-Rods.' "This one has a 5-speed transmission, 200 hp (from 50 originally) and disc brakes. I finished it 10 years ago."

Buete exhibits the vehicle at various local shows, and does most of the maintenance work himself.

"I do everything but the paint," he said.

Rick Yacono's VW bus looked vintage, but on closer examination was also subtly tricked out.

"It's customized with disc brakes, independent suspension and has about 150 hp," Yacono said. "It was bored out to about 2,200 cc. It climbs hills."

Money raised at the show helps the Kiwanis take care of their ongoing goals to help children.

See more photos in the Feb. 19 edition of the Marco Island Sun Times.

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