Marco Island's in-road bike lanes seem awfully skinny -- and dangerous to some of the island's cyclists. Some question whether they're wide enough to be legally classified as bike lanes.

Rest assured, Marco's bike lanes are 4-feet wide, the accepted width of bike lanes in Florida.

But future bikes lanes may be required to be a foot wider.

According to the Florida Bicycle Law, "on a flush shoulder roadway (no curb) it is 5 feet wide for new construction, but can be 4 feet for repaved roadways."

The Florida Department of Transportation wanted 5-foot lanes on the upcoming in-road bike lane project on Landmark Street.

Marco Island Bike Path Committee Chairman Al Musico lobbied for 4-foot wide lanes, the standard on the island.

"There was an issue where we had the 4-foot bike lanes on Landmark and FDOT wanted us to make them 5 feet," Musico said during a recent meeting of the committee at City Hall.

"There was a big fight because there was only money for 4 feet," Musico said. "We've resolved that. We worked with FDOT. We said, 'Look, every other lane on the island is 4 feet.' So they agreed we'd make it 4 feet. We have reviewed those designs and they're fine."

The city's 100 percent design commitment for the Landmark in-road lanes has been approved and the construction of the lanes is expected later in 2015 or 2016.

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