"It gives people a nice place to go until the Marco market opens up again" - Jason Hershin, who operates similar markets all over the state


People still suffering from farmers market separation anxiety after the Marco market shut shop for the summer, listen up.

About a half-gallon of gas down the drag on State Road 951 will take you to the Naples Outlet Center (Prime Outlets), where a summer market is now in full swing each Wednesday from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m. On hand are about 20 vendors, offering everything from herbal-infused coffees, to fresh produce, to soaps, cosmetics, guacamole, Indian delicacies and salsa.

"It's a great extension," said vendor Jerry Oppenberg, who plies the Marco market as well with his bow knives and cutting boards. "(Nearby) we have Fiddler's Creek, Falling Waters, Marco and Eagle Creek, so the market has good potential."

"It gives people a nice place to go until the Marco market opens up again," said Jason Hershin, who operates dozens of farmers markets all over the state.

Locally, vendor Emily Barrett ( runs the market, which can accommodate more vendors by contacting her at 465-1275, she said.

Among the more novel attractions at the market are gourmet instant coffee pouches infused with an ancient Chinese genoderma mushroom extract said to allay all sorts of maladies and generally encourage health; a stall featuring "3-D eyelashes" that are natural fibers to extend lashes, and PowerFX bracelets touted as using holographic data disc technology microchips" that help with balance, pain relief, core strength and energy.

Naturally, vendors selling foodstuffs let you taste the goods, and just two that should not be missed are the abovementioned Barrett's assorted jeliies (some sweet, some loaded with kaboom) and Indian samosas, the delicious triangular-shaped pastries filled with curried vegetables or curried chicken.

In the mix too, are pink zebras. Not what you might think, but they're actually sprinkles that melt under various heat sources and give off amazingly diverse fragrances.

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