Limited road repaving on Marco is underway, with about four miles planned for now, 18 miles in the next five years and 38 miles down the line.

Unless your street or roadway was included within one of the STRP Districts over the last decade you've seen little or no maintenance on those roads during that time, according to the city's Public Works Director Tim Pinter.

"This is the first time we've had the resources to do the work," said Pinter in an interview last week.

The work being done this year is centered on about 4 miles of streets around the Greater Marco YMCA and the Mackle Park area.

The city's contractor, Preferred Materials Inc. is doing the resurfacing, as well as replacing worn street signs, stop signs and laying down cross walk lineage and stop lines.

"The laying down of the stop lines and outlining of crosswalks is in an effort to enhance pedestrian safety," said Pinter.

The $500,000 project is the result of the city council's vote last year to take a more long range planning approach to the community's capital project needs, to limit future requirements to borrow money.

Prior to this action, there were no monies allocated for those capital requirements. Many necessary projects such as rehabilitation of roadways were consistently put off, and those dollars would require bonding or short-term borrowing.

"We were able to piggy-back on the Collier County paving contract for the next 4 years to lock prices in place and save money," said Lina Upham, the city's purchasing and fiscal analyst. That contract gave the city several vendors to review, and they chose the qualified low bidder for the project.

Overall, the city has 18 miles of roadway scheduled to be repaved over the next 5 years. This will coincide with the 5-year-long range fiscal planning that was laid out last year during the budget deliberations by the city council. A total of 38 miles is actually in the queue, Pinter said. Should council choose to not fund the plan during this year's budget discussions, this program and other necessary maintenance and upgrade projects within all departments would all be in jeopardy. Budget deliberations are scheduled to begin in approximately 30 days.

All projects are disclosed before the city council as they are initiated. This is in an effort to keep members fully appraised of the progress of meeting the goals and objectives as designed by city staff and the councilors last year.

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