A great summer wine is the 2013 Beni di Batasiolo Gavi.

In the wine business for generations, the Dolgliani brothers in 1978 bought the historic Kiola winery in La Morra, which had been founded in the 1950s and comprised seven farms, with vineyards located in the finest Barolo wine-growing areas.

With the addition of this major cellar to the family's own land, the Doglianis became the proprietors of an estate which now takes in nine farms and 264 acres of vineyards, including 150 planted with the most important and celebrated locally-grown variety, the Nebbiolo - from which Barolo wine is made.

Deciding to give the property a new name, they took their inspiration from the vineyard where the estate headquarters are located. Thus it was that the new winery, set amidst the gentle contours of the Batasiolo vineyard, came to be called "Beni di Batasiolo".

The real essence of "Beni di Batasiolo" cannot be understood without admiring the expanses of its vineyards in the finest and most important wine-growing villages of the Langhe. In the old local dialect the word "beni" means a property or estate, and it is this idea of the unbreakable bond existing between the farmer and his vineyard which is encapsulated in the name "Beni di Batasiolo".

Laid out on the gently sloping hills of Langhe, the vineyard are cultivated with the use of the most up-to-date mechanical equipment, but it's the hand of the man that finalizes the more valuable work such as pruning, tying up, thinning out and finally harvesting the grapes.

Batasiolo, the wine cellar which besides having all its vineyards in the heart of the langhe, a land known above all for its great reds, produces all the most celebrated wines grown in this region, including Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera d'Alba Sovrana and Dolcetto d'Alba Bricco di Vergne, as well as great whites such as Moscato d'Asti Bosc dla Rei, Langhe Chardonnay Morino and Gavi del Comune di Gavi.

This magnificent range is completed by the elegant Batasiolo Metodo Classico millesime and the exclusive Moscato Passito Muscatel Tardi. Barolo is the emblem of the cellar's production, its real piece de resistance, and Beni di Batasiolo is proud to present as many as four different Cru grown on the privileged hills of Barolo, Monforte, Serralunga and La Morra: Barolo Bussia Vigneto Bofani, Barolo Boscareto, Barolo Cerequio, Barolo Brunate, and the winner of many awards, Barolo Briccolina.

The winery also has self-acclaimed Beni di Batasiolo Gavi, which in my eyes is a fantastic wine year in and year out.

The 2013 Beni di Batasiolo Gavi is a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, clear and bright. The nose is fresh and floral, with good intensity and persistence. In the mouth it is dry and pleasantly cool. The final sensation reminiscent of almonds is typical of the appellation.

This wine is on chop239 wine list for $10 a glass and $40 a bottle and would pair up nicely with Chop239 Lobster Ravioli. Enjoy and Salute.

Marco Porto is owner of chop239 at Marco's Esplanade complex, and is a wine connoisseur. Along with Laura Owen of CJ's on the Bay and Adamo Serravalle of Marco Prime and DaVinci's, he is a regular contributor to this column.

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