City workers aren’t considered a traditional family unit, but when it comes to helping one of their own they break the mold on that traditional definition.

Such was the case on Sunday afternoon when both city workers and the community itself came together as a family to raise money to help defray expenses for one their own, Kristina “Kricket” Hodgdon.

Kris suffered a cerebral aneurysm (stroke) a few weeks ago on a Sunday morning and was rushed to Naples Community Hospital, where it was decided that the services available through Shands Medical Center in Gainesville were best suited to save her life. She was transported to that location via helicopter and her husband, Jim, and their son, Lucas, shortly reunited with her.

Kris was still in Gainesville on Saturday when the community and her extended family of co-workers from the city came together to raise in excess of $17,000 to help with her expenses.

Both she and Jim have worked for the city of Marco for a number of years since relocating from the South Portland area of Maine.

“This was a wonderful outpouring of love from everyone,” said Samantha Malloy, one of those who organized the event.

“So many people came forward to make this happen,” said firefighter/engineer Dan Stoller of the Marco Island Fire Department. “The fire department union began the ball rolling and everyone within the city administration just jumped right in.”

Men and women from throughout the city family along with so many others that Kris had worked with in volunteer organizations such as the Optimist Club and Christmas Island Style dropped by to bid on silent auction items and later bid on items that impromptu auctioneer Eddie Webb auctioned off.

“I can’t say enough about Kris and how she helped so many of our kids when we worked together in the Optimist Club,” said Webb.

Leslie Sanford of the city also complimented the Frank LaCava family for all they did in hosting the benefit.

“Frank, his wife, Jamie, his daughter and the staff are just so gracious and giving,” said Sanford.

Both Leslie and her husband, Dan, are co-workers with Kris and her husband, Jim.

Attendees got to feast on a wonderful selection of food, listen to great music and bid on a number of great items donated to benefit the family.

The family believes that within the next week Kris might be relocated to the Naples area to begin her rehabilitation locally and to be closer to friends and family members.

Councilman Bob Brown, who was in attendance with City Manager Roger Hernstadt, both were quick to compliment the staff, the community and the Marco Brewery for its hard work putting on the event.

“This is what a small community does,” said Brown, “we take care of our own.”

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