Volunteers work behind the scenes to upgrade Capri community center

Ann Hall

Some local volunteers, now referred to as the “elves and the shoemakers” from Grimms Fairytales by some residents, have been tiptoeing behind the scenes and working very hard to upgrade the appearance of our much-loved and much-used Capri Community Center, sometimes under the cover of darkness.

In just a matter of days, the kitchen cabinets have been scrubbed, relined and painted, as have the walls. New artwork and accessories to make the kitchen and bathrooms more attractive have been added. Bookshelves have been painted, restored and reorganized. The kitchen faucet which was put in when the center that was built in the late 70s had aged to the point of a constant drip has been replaced!

“Dave and I would like to send out a big thank you to John Boerner, aka Mr. Fixit for his help,” wrote the Beattys on the Coconuttele this week. “In the midst of building his new home on the isles, he dropped everything and helped put on the new faucet to fix the leaking one.”

Attractive baskets to hold exercise mats and equipment have been placed in a convenient place for easy retrieval. The cornices above the windows have been recovered in a bright and tropical fabric. The Beattys are preparing to give the laminate floors a thorough cleaning with a good grade of hardwood/laminate floor cleaner to make them shine like new once again. Soon, with the help of others, there will be more artwork to reflect the beauty that makes the Isles of Capri what it is to those who live here – paradise.

“This is only the beginning of more to come,” said Joyce Beatty. “I'm looking for new pictures from all our friends and neighbors who have been taking photos of our islands over the years for a project I am working on to hang in the Community Center.”

“I would like the pictures to be of the natural environment we have such as animal life, water, sunsets and sunrises. I would also like to have photos of our local businesses,” Beatty said.

Beatty is asking that photos be framed in either 5 X 7 or 8 X 10 brown frames and submitted by Aug. 31.

The Beattys are not focusing solely on building beautification, but are also looking for ways to increase social activities and neighborhood fun. They are making preparations for adding bingo games and cook-offs to the list of activities that are currently on-going.

“We think it would be fun to combine cook-offs such as chili and crock-pot dinners on bingo nights,” said Joyce Beatty.

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