With candid honesty, emotion and sheer pluck, cancer fighter Jada Shigley has for the past few months been chronicling her experiences on Facebook.

She has made hundreds of posts, received hundreds of comments, and thousands of likes as friends (and strangers) have rallied around her with encouraging messages.

In March, she summed up an early part of her journey with “Off we go into the wild blue.”

On June 12, she observed: “Dear Platelets...pretty please with sugar on top.”

Mid-July, Shigley posted this philosophical observation: “Every time I start to feel sad about these little things that are my current plight, I force myself to remember everything good and to be grateful for it all.”

On July 18, she wrote, “Dear steroids, I hate you!,” following that up Aug. 1 with, “Dear tiny little peach fuzz baby hair and sprouts of are amazing! Only a few weeks without chemo and look at you ... fighting your way back! Hang in there if you can ... we have 4 more rounds to go and if you can do it, so can I!”

Sunday this past weekend, about 100 people got together for a Fight4Jada fundraiser, and the next day – in response to just one post from a group who’d attended – Jada wrote: “I was so happy to see you guys there, thank you for coming. I got a call from the organizers yesterday while I was at chemo and they were STILL calculating and finalizing details in the account. Let's just say when they gave me a guess, I cried. I sat in that bed getting my chemo and I balled. Happy tears.”

The Sun Times suggests creating some more of those happy tears by contributing to the Jada Shigley Cancer Fund, 427 Barcelona Court, Marco Island 34145.

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