Sunday, the whole community was behind Amy Ashby at a fundraiser to help with with cancer expenses, but just as significantly … the force was with her.

That would be concerned members of the Marco Island Police Department, a couple of whom originally organized the fundraiser at the Brewery for Ashby, wife of one of their own – Paul Ashby.

“Oh my god, it’s been incredible. The whole town showed up today for this,” said Richie Stoltenborg, a former MIPD member, boxing promoter and friend of the Ashbys. “I can’t get over it. Her attitude is 100 percent. She’s upbeat, and she is determined to beat this thing.”

The “thing” is breast cancer, an aggressive form of the disease called triple positive. Her intensive treatment, which includes both chemotherapy and surgery, is extremely costly, according to information released by the organizers.

Supporter James Downey was awed too, by the turnout. Or maybe not.

“You know, whatever happens to Marco Islanders, whether it’s cancer of something else … Marco is one big family. If the community needs to come together when you need help, it gets done. She (Amy Ashby) is gonna kick this one in the butt.”

Read more about the fundraiser in the Sept. 17 issue of the Marco Island Sun Times.

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