Good news about an injured raccoon helped by Greater Naples Fire/Isles of Capri Station 90 firefighters arrives on the Coconuttele, Capri’s informal email communication network.

Jodi Fernandez, Capri resident and Conservancy of SW Florida volunteer at the wildlife hospital, wrote this:

“Hello. This is for the animal lovers who live on Capri. Our raccoon, or should I say the Capri Fire Department raccoon, was taken from the von Arx Wildlife Hospital yesterday and brought back to where he was found on Capri Boulevard right across from Panay Ave. He made a complete recovery and is back where he belongs. Woo Hoo! I couldn't be happier."

This news was well received by all of the wildlife lovers on the Isles, and firefighter Lt. Jorge Lara, involved in the rescue of the young raccoon, shared his feelings about the good news.

“Thank you for the news; I hope our raccoon lives a long, productive life. He earned it!" wrote Lara.

This good news follows what could have been a death experience for a young raccoon found injured along the busy Capri Boulevard, the only access and regress to the Isles of Capri.

Thanks to a call from the Conservancy of Southwest Florida’s von Arx Wildlife Hospital several weeks ago to their volunteer Fernandez, the young animal was spared. It was not only the fast work of this kind volunteer and her husband, but the fast and kind work of Lara and his crew who arrived on the scene before the Fernandez could get there. Fire and rescue staff were so concerned about the little guy they saw suffering on the side of the road as they passed it while returning to the station.

Lara and the crew stopped and contained the injured animal on a blanket while it was going through a seizure.

Fernandez has had much experience in transporting injured animals to the hospital. She was also the one called in to help the mother raccoon several months ago who had a broken bottle stuck on her front forearm behind the home of the Middlebrooks on Capri. That mother did not fare as well due to the length of time it took to trap her and get her to the hospital for medical care. It is always a happy ending when an injured animal recovers and is returned to the wild from whence it came, such as the story shared today.

“It is always heartwarming to me to find people like Lara and his crew and other neighbors on Capri who care about the animals that live among them in the community,” said Fernandez. “I want to be sure that people have the number to call when they see an animal in need.

“The phone number at the hospital is 239-262-CARE (2273),” said Fernandez.

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