Throngs head for Kiwanis Marco car show

On the way in, some of the cars growled, others purred, and by way of exclamation points a couple of them honked their jaunty, hoarse horns to announce their presence.

The occasion was the annual Kiwanis Car show, which filled the Marco Healthcare Parking lot Sunday with everything from vintage to classics, and from muscle to ‘restorods.’

And, while the majority of browsers seemed to fall into the plus-55 age group, lots of youngsters were clearly fascinated by the array of older cars.

“They’re all really cool,” said Miami visitor Melanie Johnson, who’s not yet old enough to drive. “You don’t see anything like them anymore.”

Exhibitor and former Vietnam Marine Dale Nash said he appreciates the interest of both young and old.

“Older people tell me they remember having one when they were new, and on the other extreme, kids say they can’t imagine what these were like,” Nash said.

Sitting next to his 1947 ‘restorod’ Ford Convertible, and chatting with whomever showed interest, Nash said at age 12 he sold a go-cart and bought a ’34 Ford 2-door sedan for $90.

“I turned it into a hot-rod at high school, and after that had old Jags, Cadillacs and Model T’s,” said Nash, whose car at the show took him the past four years to complete. The job entailed taking it apart, sandblasting the frame, rebuilding the suspension and drivetrain, and then repainting it and putting in the upholstery.

“I’ve been hanging around garages for 50 years. It’s a fun hobby and it keeps me out of trouble,” he said.

“It gets in your blood after 45 years of marriage,” said his wife Susie, adding that the staid-looking Ford actually has some impressive giddy-up.

“It moves right along,” she said.

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