Mackle Park was the place to be Saturday Quentin Roux/


Hand-eye,coordination along with athletic spring and the thrill of the hunt put paid to 20,000 plastic eggs over the weekend when hundreds of youngsters stormed the playing field at Mackle Park for these multicolored annual Eastertime spoils.

“I’ll give it about three minutes,” said a volunteer inside one taped-off area for slightly older kids just before the signal for the scramble went out over the intercom.

He was wrong. Those kids scooped up the lot in under 60 seconds.

And, among the acquisitive frenzy, there was at least one more-than-special moment.

“Oh my sweetie! He (her two-year-old son Devon) was putting eggs in other kids' baskets,” Natalie Strafford posted on Facebook soon afterward.

The hunt was the culmination of the Parks & Rec’s spring jubilee, which also featured sideshows and food galore along with train rides and sailboat rides on the adjoining lake.

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