Condo celebrates raising of Old Glory

Quentin Roux

Old Glory is a common sight on Marco – waving in the breeze from civic sites to condos, homes and businesses – but until Sunday the Stars and Stripes were missing from Pier 81.

“Driving around, I used to see that just about every condo had a flag,” said Pier 81 resident Gerry Rosenblum, “so I decided to suggest one for the property.”

A contingent of cubs and scouts from Marco Troop 234 prepares to march the folded flag to the pole.

Rosenblum had noticed that nearby Factory Bay Marina had a pole that was not used because it was so close to a big palm, so he asked whether Pier 81 could have it and relocate it to the front of the two condo blocks. The Marina owners agreed to the idea.

“We took up donations from the (Pier 81) owners to pay for the relocation, lighting and landscaping,” Rosenblum said. “We have some veterans living here who were moved by the whole idea, and they wanted a ceremony.”

Old Glory goes up at the Pier 81 condominium complex.

Mid-afternoon, about two dozen people gathered at the pole and flag’s new home, and watched as a small contingent of Boy Scout Troop 234 marched the folded flag up to the pole, hitched it and raised it.

The Pledge followed, and the group headed over the road to the clubhouse to enjoy a cake decorated like the red white and blue symbol of patriotism.