It's a once-a-year special. Video by Quentin Roux/

Opening song was, of course, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ – starting the Y’s annual daddy daughter dance evening with a flourish.

“It’s the first time we’ve had it here (at the Y’s new youth development center), and tonight we’re calling it the Palace for our Princesses,” said Stephanie Pepper, Youth Development Manager.

Pepper said the dance evening started seven years ago as a fun experience for dads and their daughters.

“Some have been here every year, and it’s become a tradition for them. But as the girls age out, I’m going to have to recruit them as volunteers.”

Putting a slightly different spin on the notion of daddies and daughters, John Shrader escorted his granddaughter Kayden Gladish to the dance; while Ryan Holt did double duty as chaperone with daughter Delia Holt and step-daughter Eliana Valencia.

“I’ve been here before. It’s enjoyable,” Ryan Holt said before heading onto the dance with his two charges.

Some of the pace was a little frenetic for three-year-old Finley Hadraba, so dad Chris regularly hoisted her up onto his level to give her an adult’s view of the swirl.

Avi Langer kept up with daughters Libby and Rosie, as did Richard Reisinger and twins Emily and Katelin.

The evening also included official portraits by John Richie, and some food and refreshments.

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