School volunteers honored

  • ‘It lights up kids’ faces when they see something because they needed it one-on-one ...or, when there’s somebody to rephrase something for them.’ - Assistant Principal Katie Maya

Many community volunteers don’t seek kudos or recognition, but over at Tommie Barfield Elementary School recently, school officials were having none of that.

They feted them.

Place mats signed by the students adorn the tables.

They gave them pins, plus a commemorative license plate and a tote bag for the top volunteers; the morning musicians (under the baton of music teacher Lisa Braren) sang for them, and everybody enjoyed a healthy breakfast courtesy of Oakes’ Farm Market, Seed to Table. The Island Garden Center supplied plants and flowers, and Scott and Sandy Hurley prepared the meals.

Clara Alber shows off the pins given to the group of volunteers.

Assistant Principal Katie Maya said volunteer support makes a huge difference for the young students.

The school's morning musicians round off one of their joyous songs.

“It lights up kids’ faces when they see something because they needed it one-on-one,” Maya said, “or, when there’s somebody to rephrase something for them.”

Volunteers Betty and Phil Sheridan enjoy a song by the morning musicians group.

School counselor Leanne Hope and Secretary Sandy Hurley were also recognized for putting the appreciation breakfast and day together.

Kudos were as follows:

TBE Over 100 Club: Tom Dizio (100), Vicky Stephens (114), Michelle Taylor (121), Julie Zergilis (108).

TBE Over 200 Club: Wendy Bullock (213), Brandi Carmingnani (230) Donna Conee (262) Carol Doumlete (265).

TBE Over 300 Club: Louise VanCleef (385)

TBE Over 500 Club: Melanie Burns (505)

TBE Over 1,000: Club Marilyn Brockman (1310), Teresa Gibbons (1690), Debbie Hobbs (1278) Beatty Hughes (1284).

District milestones:

200 Pin: Wendy Bullock, Brandi Carmingnani, Donna Condee, Carol Doumlete, Louise VanCleef.

500: License plate Melanie Burns

1000: tote bag Marilynn Brockman, Teresa Gibbons, Debbie Hobbs, Beatty Hughes,