Enjoy an earth-friendly Blanc

Marco Porto
  • ‘Flavors may be slightly modified through winemaking techniques, but a wine's unique flavor and essential character develop on the vine’ - winemaker Steve Rued

Today I would like to talk about a wine from Rutherford Ranch - the 2014 Sauvignon Blanc.


I have a 13-year “relationship” with the winery, and have always been impressed that the family of owners has long been committed to earth-friendly winegrowing.

To use the other word, "sustainable" viticulture is not only good for the environment, it results in higher quality fruit, a prerequisite for crafting world-class wines.

The term "sustainable" encompasses practices and concerns that extend beyond the vineyards. Sustainability ensures long-term health of the entire ecological system by promoting and maintaining the biodiversity of plants and animals, conservation of natural resources and supporting the viability of the agricultural community for generations to come.

In the vineyards they minimize the use of synthetic substances by substituting or augmenting them with age-old methods such as natural predation to help control insects and animals that are harmful to the vines. These practices help to limit environmental impact, increase soil and plant health and vigor, and result in higher quality fruit.


Natural resources and energy conservation are served by water reclamation and reuse. Solar power contributes to lower energy use, improved air quality and a smaller carbon footprint. (The family has a refrigeration system that is assembled and installed in house that consists of nearly 5000 solar panels that produces close to one million watts of electrical power.)

The long-established winery is located on Napa Valley's scenic Silverado Trail within the Rutherford District.

Current winemaker Steve Rued joined Rutherford Wine Company in 2005 as senior winemaker. His winemaking philosophy reflects a lifelong love and appreciation for winegrowing. A quote from Steve: "Winemaking begins in the vineyard; carefully matching the site and varietal then selecting and harvesting fruit at just the right moment. Flavors may be slightly modified through winemaking techniques, but a wine's unique flavor and essential character develop on the vine."

A Rutherford sauvignon blanc is part of a stable with a long heritage.

The 2014 Rutherford Ranch Sauvignon Blanc has bright aromas of citrus and lemongrass. Refreshing flavors of Meyer lemon and grapefruit linger on the finish.

This wine is on Chop239 wine list for $10 a glass and $40 a bottle, and would pair up nicely with Chop239 Chicken with Meyer lemon sauce. Enjoy and salute.

Complementing the wine perfectly is chicken breast with whipped potato, artichokes and Meyer lemon sauce.

Marco Porto is owner of chop239, and is a wine connoisseur. Along with Laura Owen of CJ’s on the Bay, Adamo Serravalle of DaVinci’s and Marco Prime, and Vesy Tyler of Sale e Pepe, he is a regular contributor to this column