Leigh Plummer Park, located on Barfield Drive and Piedmont Circle, was adopted as a community project in 1984 by members of the Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island.

Recent examinations of the history of Calusa Garden Club led past president Linda Colombo to suggest the club commemorate the Garden Club’s role in the park with a granite rock and a plaque.

The park is named for Mr. Leigh Plummer, who was a long-time resident of Marco Island and was a past president of Marco Island Civic Association.

Eva Schliesser, co-founder of the Garden Club and of Leigh Plummer Park, was present as a special guest on Monday, April 24, when the Garden Club dedicated the plaque.  At the dedication of Calusa Garden Club’s Leigh Plummer Park Project in 1984, Ms. Schliesser said, “It is my goal in life to educate our community about our beautiful native plants and to help get rid of the exotics.”  The Garden Club followed these goals by planting native Southwest Florida plants.

Other guests of honor at the dedication ceremony were Charlette Roman, Marco Island City Council member, Allyson Richards, Rich Lutz and Ron Rutledge, all three of whom are members of the Marco Island Parks & Recreation Committee.

The plaque was donated by Dr. Carlos Portu, also a member of the Parks & Recreation Committee, who could not be present for the dedication ceremony.  The granite rock supporting the plaque and the landscaping for the site were donated by Calusa Garden Club.

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