Island chess group ups the competition

Wade Keller
Special to the Eagle

Chess K-12 has launched a bold combination of Swiss and round robin tournaments, referred to as SSRR.

On two Saturdays we have the Swiss tournament. In each the top three players are named qualified. After the two Swiss tournaments, the six qualified compete in round robin. Each of the six plays the other five. The results of those five rounds determines how much cash awards are earned by the six Chess K-12 members.

In tournaments students shake hands and are quiet in competition.

In the current SSRR $500 has been donated by chess enthusiasts.

The first Swiss tournament of the SSRR was on May 13. The three qualified are Luca Gurgenidze, Herlan Henriquez and Alex Sousa. Three more qualified will be added in the Swiss tournament on May 20.

If you want to see professional chess competition by our students from kindergarten to high school, come by the Marco branch library.

On Saturday May 27 the six qualified will be in tough competition. In results, first place, $200;  second place, $150; third place, $75; and fourth through sixth place, $25.

Our next SSRR will be in September.

Information: Wade Keller, 239-389-2525