Ask The Pharmacist: Are you suffering from toxic overload?

Suzy Cohen

Most of us don’t allow our home get filthy and disgusting, we clean it up from time to time, right? We throw out trash, do dishes, dust and vacuum. So how come some people let toxins build up and get nasty inside the body?

"Many of the things we naively ingest stick to our colon and spawn free radicals, raising risk of stomach and colon canceras well as heart disease," says Pharmacist Suzy Cohen.

We have so many antioxidants and natural chelating supplements that ‘vacuum and dust’ our bodies. Sweating is actually the easiest and fastest way to clear toxins.
If you think you’re ‘clean’ don’t be so quick to dismiss me because if you eat and drink (by drink, I mean anything including water, but you can certainly insert soda, alcohol or coffee) you should continue reading. Many of the things we naively ingest stick to our colon and spawn free radicals, raising risk of stomach and colon cancer (all cancers for that matter) as well as heart disease.
Our planet is a mess. Google Kamilo Beach in Hawaii to see. Chemicals and pesticides routinely flow through our bodies. Babies are born with over 200 chemicals according to umbilical cord studies. Then some idiot panel decided that newborns should get ‘stuck’ with about 36 immunizations comprised of more chemicals, metals or half-dead viruses within weeks of their first breath. Since their liver isn’t even completely operational, multiple shots with different chemicals could stockpile or collide. My point is cellular garbage accumulates.

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One tuna fish sandwich contains so much mercury, nutritional guidelines recommend limiting tuna. It’s in the water, and injected into some amalgams. We can’t get away from toxins, so I recommend becoming proactive before disabilities set in, before we’ve had an opportunity to skydive, visit Paris, or ride in a hot air balloon.
The brain is made of fat so that’s where toxins accumulate causing neurological symptoms of an unexplained nature, what your doctor calls “idiopathic.” Vague symptoms of toxic overload include fatigue, diarrhea, brain fog, anxiety, insomnia, obesity, DNA damage (cancer), menstrual irregularities and blood sugar problems. I’ve written a longer version of this article, now posted at my website if you’re interested in more ‘red alert’ symptoms, as well as more solutions.
Today let’s all unite and do some exercise (do anything) and eat some organic fruit, cook up veggies tonight and skip the soda. That last one is not only fattening, but expensive. Soda makes me burp, is that TMI?
As for natural ‘chelating’ detoxification supplements, one of many to consider is chlorella. This tiny microalgae acts like a wet sponge and soaks up dirt stuck inside your gut. Some theorize it can bind to heavy metals, medications, pesticides and plasticizers that might be hiding inside the folds of your intestines.

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Chlorella is an awesome superfood, getting its green color from the chlorophyll (which tints leaves green). You can buy chlorella supplements or (superfood green powdered drink mixes that contain chlorella) at any health food store or online store. Since it’s a breath freshener, you might notice that it improves your kiss ability.

Start with the lowest dose possible because a big dose could trigger a detoxification response, especially if you have been exposed to a moldy house in the past.

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