Work(out) & play: Marco Y brings in truckload of new fitness machines

Installer Mike Hamilton puts one of the machines together. He also tests new equipment for his company, Life Fitness Cybex.

In the early days of cardio equipment, repetition and fixed resistance was pretty much the standard for workouts.

Today, these machines bristle with technical innovations that can emulate hill climbs, downslopes, various posture choices … and even transport users via screens to American and overseas “roads” in very realistic virtual reality fashion.

This past week, The Greater Marco Family YMCA took possession of a truckload of brand-new workout machines, and perhaps nobody was more excited than the Y’s healthy living director, Deborah Passero.

“They’re biomechanically engineered,” Passero said of two new Life Fitness ellipticals, which were joined in the Y’s big L-shaped fitness room by a new upright bike, four recumbent bikes and five treadmills.

Y member Keely Stiner tests out one of the new treadmills earlier this week at the Y.

“They have a true ellipse, egg-like shape that can be easier on joints at whatever level and resistance,” said Drew Lamontagna of the supplying company, Life Fitness and Cybex out of Orlando. “And the recumbent bikes have embedded TVs as well as handrails,” he said. “It’s the same basic system as the ones the Y (replaced with new-lease machines), except that the technology has improved.”

Working out on one of the new treadmills early this week, Y member Keely Stiner said they were indeed similar to the older models, but that she liked the smoothness that comes with new ones.

“I’ll be watching Law & Order on Saturday mornings here,” Stiner said.

Earlier, while putting together the new machines after delivery, installer Mike Hamilton of Life Fitness Cybex said he enjoys his job because he also has to test the very latest equipment that comes onto the market.

That’s obvious from his excellent physical shape, which is an endorsement for the equipment itself.

Unloading takes place outside the Y’s workout gym.

The Y’s Passero said the assorted video riding courses available to elliptical users will likely be a boon.

“They can go to Utah or Italy. They can choose mountainous courses and wonder what’s going to be around the bend. The nice thing is that nobody will get bored,” she said.

Passero added that the treadmills were also chosen with safety in mind. They are lower to the ground, providing ease of mounting to less agile people still keen to work out.

For information on what the workout room has to offer, plus the assorted Y programs and activities for youth and adults, call 394-3144 or visit