Social Scene: Things get groovy at Yacht Club

Marco Eagle


‘Do the Hustle’: From left, Jon and Angela Holt, co-chairs of the event, do the hustle with fellow Yacht Club member Carol Comeaux.

Things get groovy at Yacht Club welcome back disco dance

It was Saturday Night Fever at the Marco Island Yacht Club’s welcome back disco party. Members donned their best ‘70s outfits and with music by DJ Steve Reynolds danced the hustle, the bump and YMCA. The clubhouse was lit with strobe lights and the quintessential mirror ball hung from the ceiling. Special guest of the evening was John Revolta (played by Jeff Comeaux) and the Revolta Dancers with their synchronized performance of ''Night Fever" by the Bee Gees.  Then, of course, there was the dance-off for best dancer (Alice Jobe) and best disco costume (Jim Marr). A groovy time was had by all.