Point & Shoot: December was a 'family' affair

Marco Eagle

Point and Shoot is a monthly photo challenge where readers show off their photography skills.

Happy 2018 Point & Shooters! Are you ready to get to work on your January assignment? The theme is appropriate enough, “New Beginnings.” But remember our Golden Rule, you don’t have to be literal. As always, we encourage you to think outside the box.

Get your photos in before the last Monday of the month, and look for them online and in print the following month. Send your submissions to news@naplesnews.com.

Linda Meldonian took this photo at Forest Glen during a golf outing.

Now let’s travel back to 2017 to see December’s submissions, with the “family” theme.  Your amazing photos remind us that families come in all shapes, sizes and species.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated.

To see more entries? Click on Point & Shoot at marconews.com or naplesnews.com/community.

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Point & Shoot theme tracker for 2018

  • January / New Beginnings
  • February / Loving Life
  • March / Green With Envy
  • April / April Showers
  • May / Black & White All Over
  • June / Street Photography
  • July / Fun In The Sun
  • August / Back To School
  • September / Only Natural
  • October / Beautiful Blur
  • November / Let’s Eat
  • December / Family