WHO to officially recognize video gaming disorder as a mental health problem

Gaming is an official disease, and classified as a mental health disorder. The symptoms include anxiety, withdrawal symptoms and anti-social behavior as well as the obvious, becoming non-productive.

This disorder will surely generate a lot of money for companies who can “treat” the condition, which by the way, impacts the same parts of your brain as alcohol, porn, gambling and shopping.

Eating cheese every day may protect your heart

I’m not sure why, but this headline cracked me up. If there’s a cheese gene, I have it because I love cheese.

If you’re a cheese lover, this will give you a new excuse to make baked brie with blackberry compote. Mmm!

Researchers suggest that eating about an ounce and a half of cheese every day could help to reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. It isn’t going to “protect your heart” in my opinion, it’s loaded with casein and saturated fats, but I’ll still mentally award an A-plus to the researchers for making me drool.

FYI, if you have MAO genetic SNPs (or take MAO inhibitor drugs), avoid cheese due to the tyramine content, it can provoke a headache or worse.

Do hair dyes increase prostate cancer risk?

In the study I read, the answer isn’t a clear yes or no regarding prostate cancer. This type of headline is not a new one. Researchers have been trying to clearly define the risks of certain chemicals in hair dye, and find out which colors are most toxic.


Certain compounds called “aromatic amines” are found in high concentrations in hair dyes and we know they do trigger cancer growth in lab animals, however, it’s not as clear with humans. Though several population based studies do suggest higher rates of leukemia, non-Hodgkins lymphoma or multiple myeloma in women who use hair dyes, the highest risk is actually seen in hairdressers who experience more bladder and blood-related cancers (like those listed above) but remember, they work with these chemicals all day long so exposure is high.

Low thyroid levels affect a woman’s fertility

Agreed, this very topic was covered in one of my books in 2010, seven years ago. It just made headlines in 2017.  Low thyroid can definitely contribute to infertility, miscarriage and premature births. It’s easy to test for and repair. 

Weird health benefits of stress

It’s true that a little stress can temporarily improve your mental sharpness, but chronic stress can deplete your adrenals so I’d say it’s best to minimize your stress levels as much as you can.


Stressful situations increase bonding with friends, relatives and your spouse. That’s why if you’re stuck in an airport overnight, you might make new friends after sharing the experience. The reason is short term stress boosts oxytocin, a bonding hormone. Further, people are forced to rescue you, if not physically then emotionally.

The trouble with this is some people thrive on stress in their life because it victimizes them, provoking others to give them attention and affection. It can even become the glue in an otherwise bad marriage.

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