Ask The Pharmacist: Six cosmetic secrets to get gorgeous fast

Suzy Cohen

No matter what your age, you always want to look your absolute best. Throughout my life, I’ve learned all kinds of beauty tips and tricks from reading, talking to friends and getting to know a few make-up artists when I appeared as a guest on TV shows. I always ‘pumped’ these girls to get their secret beauty tips while sitting in their chair and getting made up. I recall one lady who made me look amazing, even though I hadn’t slept in two nights. She brought me to life with a few tricks, which I’ll share today.

Six cosmetic secrets to get gorgeous fast

1. Get rid of red

If you put an ice cube into a paper towel and apply it under your eyes for five minutes, the red puffiness of ‘bedroom eyes’ will vanish for a little bit. Then you can apply your eye cream and concealer and look fresh and happy.

2. Curl your lashes like the pros

I don’t use eyelash curlers ever, they freak me out, but I know a lot of you do. A make-up artist once told me her secret: use a hairdryer to warm up your eye lash curler. It needs to be warm not hot or you’ll burn yourself, and I feel bad telling you something that is obviously common sense. So anyway, be careful…the point is that a slightly warmed eyelash curler works better. She said its effect is akin to a curling iron on your hair.

3. Hide insomnia

After a 20-something hour flight from South Africa, I had to land, get through customs and get over to the Dr. Oz studio and tape a segment. I looked rough. She made me up and luckily I had my best tool: a white eyeliner pencil. Just be careful putting it on because it goes in an awkward area called the waterline. So, first apply your normal darker eyeliner where it goes, then apply the white eye-liner in the waterline. It’s across your top rim on your lower eyelid. Google waterline if necessary.

4. Fresh eyes

Homemade gel under eye masks are one of my favorite treatments for puffy eyes. You make these yourself with gelatin, which is rich in collagen. Here is a DIY recipe for a de-puffing eye mask. The green tea imparts a touch of caffeine, which helps remove dark circles: Mix together one tablespoon chilled Manuka honey with one tablespoon prepared green tea. Add unflavored gelatin powder to desired consistency. Spoon onto a cucumber (sliced in half) and apply under your eyes for 10 minutes.

5. Shiny hair

You can take 10 years off your age by making your hair soft and shiny again. Whisk one banana and one egg together and apply to wet hair after shampooing. Leave on for about three to five minutes then rinse.

6. Glowing skin

Soak a clean face cloth in a cup of cold milk that has three drops of lavender essential oil. Wring out and drape the cloth over your face. Relax with it for 10 minutes then rinse your face, tone and moisturize like normal. This brightens and moisturizes your skin, giving you a luminous glow and relaxed sensation.

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