Point & Shoot: Green with envy - A life filled with egrets

Marco Eagle

Point and Shoot is a monthly photo challenge where readers show off their photography skills.

March submissions fall under the theme of “Green with Envy.”

Steve Rimar writes: “The picture is a Cuban Knight Anole. They are an invasive lizard from Cuba. The Cuban Knight is the largest species of anole. It grows to a length of about 3 to 20 in including the tail. Most knight anoles are caught in Florida and don’t adapt well to captive conditions readily. The picture was taken in Estero Florida in the Cascades.”

And you can tell from the submissions, our group of contributor photographers will not be living a life with no egrets. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Regardless of each month’s themes, our submitters can’t help but fall back on one common theme, the beautiful nature that surrounds us here in Southwest Florida.

Congratulations to everyone who submitted; those that earned a placed in print and or online; and thank you to everyone who participated. Keep up the great work!

To see more entries? Click on Point & Shoot at marconews.com or naplesnews.com/community.

Ready to submit your photo for the next challenge? The theme for April is “April Showers.” But you don’t have to be literal. As always, we encourage you to think outside the box. Photos are due the last Monday of the month, and will be printed the following month.

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Send your submissions to news@naplesnews.com.


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