Social Scene: Calusa Garden Club meets with TBE Junior Gardeners



Opi DeFalco helps Hassan Ali pot plants in a sneaker.

Calusa Garden Club meets with TBE Junior Gardeners

Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island members met on May 2, with the Junior Gardeners at Tommie Barfield Elementary for their final meeting of the 2017-2018 school year. Twenty-four 4th and 5th-grade students attend the monthly after-school gatherings sponsored by the Garden Club, where the students participate in activities centered on gardening, ecology and environmental matters, and floral design.  Chairpersons of Junior Gardeners are Opi DeFalco and Linda Walker, and they are assisted by other Garden Club volunteers each month.

Susan Neustadt, Opi DeFalco, Monique Doyle, Bernadette Longo and Barbara Messner prepare for Junior Gardeners.
Junior Gardeners show their bird feeders.
TBE Junior Gardeners work on their dish gardens.