Morris Law gifts Disney trip


The Law Offices of William G. Morris, P.A. has again offered the community it’s For The Family Program as a way of commemorating the firm’s founding in 1983.

At the firm’s 30th anniversary, William G. Morris decided to offer a Disney trip to a needy family instead of a party to celebrate the firm’s success over those 30 years. Since, the firm has given away five trips to Disney.

Potential recipients are nominated by those in the Greater Marco Island area who become aware of a family in need with children that would benefit from an amusement park vacation. As explained by Morris, “our hope is that this vacation will help the family that receives the award forget their worries and leave with wonderful memories of their time at Disney.”

Bill Miller, Shaylee Miller Lori Merenda.

“This year, we received even more nominees than usual,” said Morris. “We think Hurricane Irma opened eyes to needy families. It was a hard selection process, but our employees vote voted that the firm give the Disney trip to Bill Miller and his great granddaughter Shaylee.”

“We were all touched by the nomination for Bill and Shaylee,” explained Morris. “Bill and Shaylee are not only suffering hardship, but are stellar examples of appreciating what one has rather than bemoaning what one doesn’t or what has been lost.”

Lori Merenda, the nominator, was a volunteer doing work in Everglades City and was assigned to assist with Bill Miller’s home on Plantation Island. The home was submerged in approximately four feet of water and what was assumed to be a mixture of raw sewage and mangrove mud. The 1972 trailer that Mr. Miller had called home for over 30 years was a complete loss. On the second day of trailer muck out, Mr. Miller arrived as expected in his silver minivan. Much to everyone’s surprise, an articulate bright eyed and bubbly 8-year old girl hopped out of the passenger’s seat wearing work gloves and exclaiming she was ready to work. That girl was Shaylee, Bill’s great granddaughter who lives with Bill.

Miller is a retired fishing charter captain whose wife passed away in March 2017. He is Shaylee’s legal guardian and they both exhibit the same character. Bill has remained positive in the face of adversity and his love for Shaylee is pure and without condition. Shaylee never complains and appreciates everything. Shaylee was most recently awarded a Future Teacher Award at her school.

With all the work of restoring the Miller home and getting life back to normal, the trip is planned for June. But Bill will not be making the trip to Disney, because of his health. The trip to Disney will be chaperoned by Lori Merenda, who will take Shaylee and two of Shaylee’s friends for their Disney visit.