Marco YMCA honored with civic proclamation

City recognizes 'tremendous' community impact


Teamwork and dedication that has benefitted the Marco community for more than 40 years has resulted in major civic kudos for the Greater Marco Family YMCA.

The kudos come in the form of an official proclamation from the City of Marco Island that recognizes the Y's enormous contributions down the years.

And, it reiterates that the Y has not only served the island, but also those of South Collier, Goodland, East Naples and Everglades City.

Significantly, the off-campus programs and activities include areas that are economically disadvantaged.

"It is also a nice reminder of just how extensive the list of Marco Y accomplishments really is for those who may just think of the Y as a gym," Y Board President Jayme Lowe said.

With the proclamation, Marco YMCA afterschool program students Layla Castro, Mckenzie Sarantos and C.J. Ginaven.

"It was recognition by our city of all the hard work and dedication the Marco Y staff puts into taking care of our community," Lowe said. "The staff loves their members and students, and really put their heart and soul into their jobs every day."

The proclamation points out that the Y serves more than 10,000 people each year, including 2,000 children.

It mentions a "tremendous" community impact through school enrichment programs, kids' summer camps, the popular "Togetherhood" daily bread run to lesser-privileged areas and financial subsidies for needy families.

In addition, the proclamation lauds the Y's swimming and water safety programs, and also more than 70 wellness and chronic disease improvement programs for all ages.  

Services, of course, cost money - and the proclamation also highlights the fact that the Y depends largely on charitable giving from individuals, organizations and businesses to the tune of about $1-million a year.

"The Y is recognized and thanked by City Council and citizens for its service to our island, building healthy spirit, mind and body for all over the last year and since 1977," the proclamation concludes.

By way of a little direct celebration of its own, the Y plans to place a blow-up of the proclamation for all to see in the spacious new lobby.

For more on the Y's wide variety of programs and activities for adults and children, visit or call 394-YMCA (9622). Follow on Twitter at greatermarcoymca, or on Facebook at marcoymca.