Social Scene: Just Friends’ Witches Ball

Marco Eagle


Cindy Crane, Ruth Lee DeVaughn, Rose Kraemer, Susie Walsh, Annette Mennella, MaryAnn Cassidy and Hildie Kyes rode their brooms to the luncheon.

Just Friends celebrated Halloween with a Witches Ball planned by Candy Seward and Sharon Cook. Deborah Schroeder, owner of Salon and Spa Botanica, provided Halloween favors for each member, including a $20 gift card toward a new service. A parade of witches helped the judges select best costume winners. Five birthday roses were presented and new members Barbara Berry, Shirley Jurek, and Darol Traeger were introduced.

Enjoying the friendship of fellow witches are, seated: Pat Schimek and Evelyn Case; standing: Carla Mickes, Ann Faroul, Betty Richardson and Doris Kosley.
Marge Superits, Bobbie Ordejia, Pam Clune, Pat Dugas, Susie Walsh and Hildie Kyes are boo-tiful.
Birthday witches are Audrey Calzone, Yvonne Hall, Deborah Schroeder, Candy Seward and Dianne Wetjen.