Ask The Pharmacist: 3 convincing reasons to eat more oatmeal

Suzy Cohen

Most people conjure up an image in their mind about eating oatmeal. It’s usually the vision of someone over the age of 60, seeking the joys of regularity. But it should not be that cliche.

If you’re interested in a good meal that is packed with vitamins and minerals, and even some cancer-fighting phytonutrients, oatmeal is top of the list.

Oatmeal can help support you in your quest to fight diabetes, obesity and colon problems. Here are three really convincing reasons to start eating oatmeal.

Simplify your mornings with steel-cut oats: Soak them overnight to cut the cook time by more than half.

1. Want protection from germs or cancer?

Oats are a very healthy source of carbs, fat, protein, and fiber. The most famous fiber of all is “beta glucan,” a natural immunomodulator. It makes sure that your immune system’s radar detector is on alert, thereby placing your fighter cells on guard in case home-invaders show up. The most common attackers are bacteria, viruses and rogue cells that cause cancer. Scientists have found evidence that it can stimulate the growth of new stem cells too.

Oatmeal with raisins and walnuts at Benton Air Park Cafe.

2. Feeling tired or anemic?

Oats contain many vitamins and minerals, especially iron. Just one cup of dried oats contains 26 percent of the recommended daily allowance for iron. Obviously, you want to cook the oats. What’s nice about this is that iron supplements can be very hard on your gastrointestinal tract, and can cause stool discoloration, cramps, constipation and severe nausea or vomiting. So, to have a delicious meal and know that you’re getting much needed iron can be a blessing.  

Freshly prepared oatmeal topped with raisins.

3. Need to work on blood sugar or cholesterol?

It is the soluble fiber in oatmeal which can slow down the rate at which carbs are broken down and digested. This stabilizes your blood sugar and prevents crazy peaks and troughs. 

Because it keeps blood sugar stable, oatmeal is theoretically great at preventing complications from diabetes or other chronic illnesses. It literally improves insulin resistance. I am definitely an oatmeal fan if you haven’t deduced that by now. I think I make the best too! 

Oatmeal lovers rarely go on statins too! Eating oatmeal even twice a week can have an immediate impact on longevity. Researchers have stated that no matter when you begin upping your intake of dietary fiber, the benefits to your health are virtually immediate. 

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