Ask The Pharmacist: Items for comfort and healing

Suzy Cohen

For those of us who still have our health and energy, it’s hard to imagine how others feel with a chronic illness. If you know someone who is uncomfortable, struggling, keep in mind they might experience the holidays with more discomfort and melancholy than at other times of the year. 

Here are some items to make their days a little easier.

Sometimes the right smell can improve your mood and maybe even help you feel a little better.

Essential oil and diffuser

This is a nice gift especially if you can find a pretty color-changing diffuser to keep by their bed and a bottle of lavender or neroli. These two oils impact the GABAergic system, to induce your tranquilizer hormone called GABA.

Physical help

 There’s probably no greater gesture than just asking a person who is not feeling well, “How can I help?” These four words will probably bring tears to their eyes as they are likely feeling disorganized, overwhelmed and tired. Doing the simplest things for a few hours or arranging their needs. You could stop by and take their packages to the post office, or help clean up around the house, or teach them how to use Skype so they can see their grandchildren.

Sharper Image Calming Comfort 25-pound weighted blanket $169.99,

Weighted blanket

It’s calming. It’s a good idea for someone who feels anxious or can’t sleep very well at night.

Bed wedge pillow

This is usually made of memory foam and it’s a wedge to elevate the top of your bed where your head is. Fantastic for people who need to sleep a little more upright, as in the case of acid reflux. 

For sleepers who need be lulled with white noise.

White noise machine

Great for someone with tinnitus, or someone who needs a little background noise to feel calm and secure.

Blue light-blocking glasses.

Blue blocking glasses

A pair of these removes blue from the device/screen so it’s great for gamers, computer workaholics and anyone prone to insomnia, tension headaches or migraines.

Geek tablet/phone stand for bed

This locks a device into position so you can watch it, or read it while in bed, hands-free. Full disclosure, I have this and we love watching Hallmark movies in bed sometimes. 

Sound amplifier to help with hearing

Some people are stubborn, or they refuse (or can’t afford) a real hearing aid. So a sound amplifier goes a long way to improve someone’s interpersonal relationships. 

Electric kettle

This is a convenient. If you know a tea lover, who is a little forgetful (and might leave the oven on), buy them one of these.

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