Social Scene: Marco Bay Yacht Club welcomes new members

From left, Dan and Connie Woodworth, Charles and Holly Erker, Glen and Theresa Perkins, Hermann and Darlene Schulze and Jeff and Patti Jo Wilson.

Members were welcomed with a champagne flutes and flowers; Club Commodore Sally Orth introduced each couple, who then spoke briefly about their coming to Marco Island and why they joined MBYC.  Marco Bay's tag line is "Have Fun the Marco Bay Way" since their focus is on a combination of boating events for both large and smaller boats, including monthly cruises around and across the State of Florida, events for 'day boats' as well as numerous social events. Information:

Members Paul Krueger, Linda Turner, Bob Herndon and Jerry Swiacki.
Betty Barter preparing to run the "Head or Butt Game."