Marco Island Academy class of 2019 seniors celebrated their last day ever of high school, May 14.

Every year, volunteer parents organize the picnic for the students at Gene Sarazen Park, giving them a fun-filled opportunity to spend some final time with their peers – many of whom have grown up on the island together for most of their lives.

"It was bittersweet to see these kids let loose and have fun in an unstructured environment one last time, before they all go their separate ways after graduation." said Lori Havemeir.

Thirty-four students, a larger majority of the class attended, to enjoy the grill-out and games such as tug-of-war, cornhole, and frisbee.

“I loved seeing a senior class coming together as a family, and truly enjoying their time they had together,” said Nancy Chamberlain. “It wasn’t a few boys playing frisbee – it was all of them. Nobody let anybody be left out.”

The Marco Island Academy 2019 class will walk May 24, as they continue on to their future endeavors. – Jenny Cartwright/Special to the Eagle

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