Ready for kindergarten

Jodi Pree
Special to the Eagle
The new pre-K graduates perform.
Salvatore Agnello leads the way.

Recently, 37 students donning caps and gowns marched down the aisle as they graduated from St. Mark’s 8th annual prekindergarten graduation. Proud families filled the St. Mark’s sanctuary to celebrate the milestone knowing that their graduates were no longer the little ones who had clung to them on that first day of preschool. In fact, the graduates are now fully prepared to enter Tommie Barfield Elementary as kindergarteners in the fall, having spent the entire school year facing challenges, making friends, and learning.

“For St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, this is our cornerstone ministry. It’s the most important thing we do, because we believe that if children learn to love others early … they are better prepared for school and life,” said Reverend Jessica, as she welcomed guests.

Ms. Peggy's 2019 graduates.
Ms. Monica's 2019 graduates.

“We have just completed our 8th year,” said Director Peggy Totten. “Thanks to the strength of our teachers and the support of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church and the parents of our students, we have been able to become a successful prekindergarten program.”

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