Ask the Pharmacist: You can order your own lab tests now

Suzy Cohen
Today you can order your own tests from many labs nationwide, either online, or by going directly to the laboratory or local hospital where these are offered.

I am thrilled to tell you that you can test yourself for pretty much anything! It's absolutely fantastic and quickly puts you on the track to better health.

In the old days, if you wanted to check something, you had to make an appointment with the doctor, wait a week, drive over, request the test you want, or hope the pertinent one is offered, and then go to a lab somewhere else, probably on another day because you needed to fast. Then you’d wait another week for results.

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Today you can order your own tests from many labs nationwide, either online, or by going directly to the laboratory or local hospital where these are offered. Call in advance. I just did it the other day to test the theory before writing this. I went to the local hospital’s out-patient laboratory on a Thursday (quiet time). I ordered a ferritin and TIBC test for iron, filled out a simple form, provided a driver's license, and had blood drawn within minutes. I was in and out the door in eight minutes.

Typically results are made available on your lab's secure website or they can be picked up. If you're buying a test online the website should begin with https, not http in the URL, to keep your credit card information secure.

Here are 2 options: and 

You can call Quest as well, they are nationwide or go online to Even if you need a local lab or a phlebotomist, you can arrange that pretty easily as well, just visit to find a location near you. There’s also Phlebotomy Services International and you can visit 


  • It’s convenient because some tests for urine, saliva or feces are conducted from home, and you mail samples back to the lab in pre-paid envelopes. 
  • It's private, which is useful for drug/alcohol testing or gene testing … even STDs.
  • Self-pay pricing is dramatically reduced. Monitoring your PT, ferritin, A1c and cholesterol just got a whole lot cheaper!
  • Get well quicker! Ordering highly specialized tests can reveal the missing link, and therefore speed healing for chronic situations that haven't responded to conventional treatments. Aren’t you tired of doing the same thing with no results?

There are disadvantages which I outline in the longer version of my article which you will receive over email. Join my online community which is almost 200,000 people strong and decide to get all the longer versions of my articles. Tuesday is Suze-day, lol, and that’s when you get my newsletter which also includes specialized lab tests now available. Sign up at 

One disadvantage is that you get an abnormal test result. What do you do? Obviously, you will need guidance from your practitioner, but I even have a useful workaround for that! And specialty tests that are extraordinary in their scope, and exclusive to specialty labs (which you can now purchase yourself). I’ll see you over email. 

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