Social Scene: Tropical T's fun taco-margarita party



Senoritas Pam Brink, Susie Walsh, Pam Cote, Connie D'Errico, Betsy Zinner, Marge Superits and Pam Clune.

The Tropical T's, an arts and entertainment social group enjoyed a taco and Margarita party hosted by Pam Cote and Pam Brink. Tasty margaritas were enjoyed, plus a make your own tacos bar was set up. It was a fun way to welcome back returning snowbirds.

Cindy McQuarrie, Connie D'Errico and Betsy Zinner are ready to create a taco.
Pam Clune, Sharon Cook, Pat Matthews, Cindy McQuarrie, Candy Seward and Gail Gates.